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Record: 36-23-2

Awards Won: Excellence in Engineering, Quality Award

Rank in the State: 50th

Meet MoonShot, our robot for the 2023 Charged Up! season. Pfizer donated a grant to help our team, so we decided to name our robot after one of their published books: MoonShot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible. Moonshot used its’ claw and arm to pick up rubber cones and plastic cubes to place on nodes or shelves to earn points. At the end of the match, alliances had to balance on a seesaw-like “Charging Station” to earn even more points. Click here to watch the Charged Up! trailer. The Blue Alliance (TBA) is where you can watch our matches and view our records. Click the button below to learn more.

The Mattawan Wiredcats First Robotics Competition team 5675. Moonshot 2023 for First Charged up
Door Please 2022 robot for First Rapid React

Door Please


Record: 30-16-2

Awards WonExcellence in Engineering, Gracious Professionalism, Creativity Award

Rank in the State: 35th

Door Please was our robot for the 2022 Rapid React season. At Trimation, our home base, you can’t get inside without a key card, so members of the team had to type “Door Please” in Slack, and it happened so many times that we decided to name the robot Door Please. During the match, we used our pneumatic intake to collect balls and shoot them in the basket on the middle of the field. During the last 30 seconds of the match, teams had to climb a set of three bars, trying to traverse to the highest bar for the most points. Click here to watch the Rapid React trailer.

Mega Maid 2021/2020 robot for First Infinite Recharge

Mega Maid


Record: 6-7-1

Awards Won: Industrial Design

Rank in the State: 100th

Meet Mega Maid, our robot for the 2021/2020 Infinite Recharge season. Our robot had to collect circular “power cells” and shoot them into specified zones. We then had to use an arm to climb on and activate the shield generator and gain more points. Click here to watch the Infinite Recharge trailer.

Mr Rental 2019 for First Destination Deep Space

Mr. Rental


Record: 28-22-1

Awards Won: Imagery Award

Rank in the State: 96th

Mr. Rental was our robot for the 2019 Destination: Deep Space season. Alliances had to place hatch panels on a rocketship, then load the ship with balls. Teams could shoot the balls or use an arm to grab and place. At the end of the match, every robot must climb to their podium-like “habitat” to score more points. Click here to watch the Destination: Deep Space trailer.

Mr Radar for 2018 First Power Up

Mr. Radar


Record: 36-22-0

Awards Won: Judges’ Award, Quality Award

Rank in the State: 49th

Meet Mr. Radar, our robot for the 2018 FIRST POWER UP season. Teams must collect power cubes to control switches and a scale, use exchange power cubes for power ups, and climb at the end. Click here to watch the FIRST POWER UP trailer.

Mr Coffee 2017 for First Steamworks

Mr. Coffee


Record: 39-25-2

Awards Won: Excellence in Engineering,

Rank in the State: 60th

Mr. Coffee was our robot for the 2017 Steamworks season. In this game, teams are preparing for a long-distance airship race. They must shoot wiffle balls to power up the engine, install gears to engage rotors, and use a rope to climb before liftoff. Whichever alliance has the fastest airship, wins. Click here to watch the Steamworks trailer.

Kitty 2016 for First Stronghold



Record: 16-12-2

Awards Won: None

Rank in the State: 156th

Meet Kitty, our robot for the 2016 Stronghold season. Alliances’ goal is to breach the other alliances’ defenses. Alliances must strengthen their own defenses while weakening the opponents’. Robots can move defenses and shoot boulders at the castle and then climb the castle at the end to earn points. Click here to watch the First Stronghold trailer.

Wiredcat 2015 for First Recycle Rush



Record: 21-21-0

Awards Won: Rookie Inspiration

Rank in the State: 88th

WiredCat was our robot for the 2015 Recycle Rush season. Teams had to stack recycle containers and throw pool noodles across the field to earn points. Whoever stacked the most recycle containers and had the least number of pool noodles on their side wins the match. Click here to watch the Recycle Rush trailer.